We have launched the new Timeless Beauty Kit

After bringing Professor Giuseppe Castaldo’s holoprotein diet and supplements exclusively to Romania, Dr. Constantin Stan launches TIMELESS BEAUTY KIT, a unique concept in Romania. BLUE KOLLAGEN, DE: STRESS, DE: TOX, RE: PAIR, RE: NEW, RE: FRESH are the six supplements with active formulas, designed and tested by Dr. Constantin Stan and Professor Giuseppe Castaldo.

Blu Kollagen is based on a formula designed to aid collagen synthesis, not just its good absorption. Contains strong anti-aging stimulants, such as biotin, vitamin C, zinc and hyaluronic acid. DE: TOX intensely supports lymphatic drainage, so important in the purification of the body, in diets, in water retention, to smooth cellulite and eliminate toxins, being a natural complex, made up of 100% plants. RE: NEW helps the immune system and intestinal health, is a real support in the fight against inflammation. RE: FRESH has a unique formula in the world. For the first time, a preparation based on the combination of Triphala and Ganoderma plants is proposed, approved and marketed. Useful in all diets, it helps digestion, nutrient absorption and rejuvenation.

DE: STRESS plays an extremely important role in restoring mental balance, restful sleep and well-being, important in difficult and delicate moments like the one we are going through. RE: PAIR helps the immune system by revitalizing and regenerating it at the cellular level. The skin acquires elasticity, supports, heart health and plays an important role in the prevention of degenerative diseases.

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